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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  July 16, 2011 5:00am-6:30am PDT

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jogging stroller or going to the park while i swim. i'm proud of you, scott. you look great. i can't wait to cross the finish line with you. thanks so much. >> yeah, looking forward to it. >> if you want to follow along with me, scott, or any members of the six-pack, check out clash sanjay. get a lot more there on our fit nation challenge. thanks for being with us today. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. more news on cnn starts right more news on cnn starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- good saturday morning. you are looking live at one of the busiest highways in the country but it's eerily empty this weekend. you don't see cars. you see construction vehicles. yes, it's closed for construction and expected to cause a traffic nightmare so bad, that they're actually calling this karcakarmcarmagedd. also, listen to this. ipad 2 for $69. sears was offering that deal
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yesterday. today, they're offering an apology. the big mistaking that had people thinking they had gotten the bargain of the year. but first, here are your options. resign or be fired. that is the ultimatum that was just given to nearly 200 educators tied to one of the largest school cheating scandals in u.s. history. it was just over a week ago, a state investigation revealed 178 teachers, including 38 principals, woulding at 44 schools cheated for students on standardized tests in atlanta. on monday, interim superintendent erroll davis replaced four superintendents and one principal in the atlanta public school scandal. now a letter has been sent to the 178 teachers, principals and administrators who were on the state investigative report as either confessing to or being implicated in the cheating. davis has ordered that educators resign by next wednesday or they will face termination. he says the culture inside the
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school district has to change. >> people failed children, they cheated. and we can't allow that to happen and we can't allow anyone who was involved with that to remain in our system. >> now, staff replacement may be the first step taken by the atlanta public school system to overcome an image now marred by scandal. but the culture of fear and imtimdation which davis says may have pushed educators to take such drastic measures it must also change. we talked to keith brummer, director of media relations for the atlanta school district how that would happen. >> he's also establishing mandatory annual ethics training for all employees that you have to go through that will likely be an electronic course of which there's an assessment or test at the end just to reinforce the fact that he has has said often that yes, i expect my employees and i will set targets for them to achieve but the repercussions will be a lot worse for people
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who fail to adhere to ethical standards than to beat targets. >> now, the district's new focus on tone, culture and performance also includes a commitment to parents and students, especially those indirectly involved in the cheating scandal. >> the other thing we're doing is trying to identify those students who may have been adversely affected academically by this situation, and we're doing that with the results of the last two administrations and the state tests which were done under much more stringent and tight testing environment situations. so that anybody who's come through that who is still deficient would be be noted in the testing and the testing was pretty tight. and we're putting together an academic program for those students. >> now, the teachers and principals named in the investigation could also face criminal charges. the district attorney been determine the nature and extent of any charges filed. we're just past the top of the hour here. it will be tomorrow that casey
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anthony will be a free woman. as you know, she was found not guilty of murdering her daughter caylee. authorities being pretty tight-lipped about how this whole release will go down. cnn's david mattingly is there in orlando. david, tell us what do we know? and part of that is we may not know till after the fact that she's released. >> reporter: that's right, tj. we do know that we're going to see a young woman who's been incarcerated for about the last three years who was exonerated of charges of murder, becoming a free woman and facing all the scrutiny and ill will that is out there there facing her. but as far as the way she's going to leave this jail, where, when, and how exactly has not been released for security reasons. we do know that there have been three journalists allowed to embed inside the jail to observe her departure, but they won't say when, where, or how that is actually going to happen. there's about a half a dozen
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exits from the sprawling facility behind me here. and these judicialists wi ijour be allowed to communicate with anyone on the outside till after she has left and after it's been determined that she has left, a point where it will be safe for her to continue on because authorities here have made it clear that their responsibility for her safety only extends as far as the property of this jail complex here behind me. once she's away from the jail, she is on her own like any other private citizen, and she will not be getting any special protection from police unless there is a specific threat that they have to investigate against her. >> david, what is the extent of the threats that have been made on casey anthony so far? >> reporter: well, we do know that yesterday in court, one of her civil attorneys did say that he had received seven threats just that day against casey
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anthony. he didn't describe the fair of those threats, how credible they might be. but it is an indication of the ongoing ill will that is facing her as she gets out of jail tomorrow. and that there has been a security concern all along. her defense attorneys have said they are worried about her safety. so at this point, once she leaves here, she will be going off to parts unknown, presumably to stay as much out of the public eye as possible. trying to stay out of the public eye but she might end up back in a courtroom. it seems there are a few legal cases, lawsuits popping up against her. >> reporter: that's right. she's got all sorts ofively cases brewing right now, not the least of which is a defamation suit by a woman who shares the same name as the fictitious nanny that casey anthony made up who said this fictitious nanny, zanny the nanny was taking care of her little daughter caylee.
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the woman who shares that name, zenaida gonzales is seeking a defamation suit against her. they wanted to depots casey anthony for this case before she left jail because her attorneys were saying they were worried that she might leave the state and they'll never get a chance to pursue this case. well, the judge says that they will have a hearing on this now set for sometime in october here in florida. so casey anthony will be leaving while that suit remains unsettled. >> all right, david mattingly for us. we'll be checking in with you again. david, we appreciate you. one other legal issue possibly for casey anthony. listen to this. an inmate in south carolina is now requesting a paternity test to determine if he is the father of deceased caylee anthony. in papers filed with the orange county, florida court clerk, chris umberger requested anthony be served before she's released from jail tomorrow. it is not known at this time if
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umberger and anthony have had any previous relationship. urn turning to washington, d.c. and the debate over raising the debt ceiling. we don't have debate talks schedule for this weekend after we saw a round of talks throughout this week. the u.s. actually hit its debt limit back in may, but the deadline is august 2nd. that's the deadline for raising the limit. that is when the government says they won't be able to do any more funny math and move things around and just won't be able to pay all of the bills. now, the stumbling block between the two sides has been taxes. republicans say spending cuts is the way to go. democrats say you have to tax some of the wealthier folks in the country. the president, we heard from him this morning in his white house address. take a listen. >> i'm willing to compromise. i'm willing to do what it takes to solve this problem even if it's not politically popular. and i expect leaders in congress to show that same willingness to compromise. the truth is, you can't solve
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our deficit without cutting spending. but you also can't solve it without asking the wealthiest americans to pay their fair share. or without taking on loop holes that give special interests and big corporations tax breaks, the middle class americans don't get. >> republicans did have a response this morning. here it was. they had orrin hatch delivering it. he said "we've been down this road before and republicans will not go down it again. in 1990, congress and the president struck a deficit reduction deal that combined spending cuts with tax increases. unfortunately, while the tax hikes remained, the spending restraint did not. and our debt has only marched higher." we're nine minutes past the hour. let us say good morning to our dear reynolds wolf. yes, it's hot but we've got something exceptional going on this weekend. >> absolutely. temperatures, high temperatures going up into the 90s but with the high humidity, it's going to feel like it's beyond the 100 degree mark, anywhere from 110
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to 120 in many spots. we'll show you who's going to get what. that's moments away, tj. >> we'll see you again here shortly. the 405 freeway in los angeles, shutdown this weekend. what an eerie sight that is. look at that, anytime day or night, you're talking about traffic in los angeles, it never looks like this. we'll tell you how folks in that car depend didn't city are trying to cope with their dear 405 being shut down. that's coming up next. it's ten minutes past the hour. i type in e-n-g... and he gives me a variety of options. would you like to have a look at a map, my lad? ah, why not? shall we check on the status of your knighthood? yes. again? yes, again, please! thank you. with my digital manservant, i'll never be homesick again. would you like me to put the kettle on, sir? no, i'd like you to get rid of that ostrich. it's been here a month. [ male announcer ] think, type, go. with just type. only on the new hp touchpad with webos. [ male announcer ] think, type, go. with just type. somewhere in america,
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there's a doctor who can peer into the future. there's a nurse who can access in an instant every patient's past. and because the whole hospital's working together, there's a family who can breathe easy, right now. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest healthcare questions. and the over 60,000 people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. all right. 11 minutes past the hour. let's ahead across country to look at stories making headlines. first in san francisco, where a new jersey man plead the not guilty to stealing a picasso sketch worth about $275,000. he allegedly stole it from a gallery last week and facing several charges, including burglary. police believe he robbed other galleries, as well. they found 11 paintings hanging
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in his apartment. to chicago, where a 26-foot sculpture of marilyn monroe was unveiled yesterday wearing the iconic white dress that was made famous in the movie "the seven year itch." and california's governor has signed a bill requiring public schools to teach students about contributions from lesbian, gay, by sexual, and transgender americans. the bill is believes to be the first of its kinds in the country and also requires teachers to instruct students on how to deal properly with people with disabilities. this bill actually goes into effect in january but it will take until maybe 2015 to fully update all of the textbooks. well, highway 405, the 405, the infamous 405 in los angeles. you never want to be on this thing quite frankly. well, nobody's really on it this weekend. it is always a traffic mess but this weekend, there is no traffic on it because of something they call carmageddon. they had to shut down the
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infamous 405 this weekend for a construction project. our sandra indoreports for us from l.a. >> reporter: for 53 hours. >> stay home if you can don't drive if you can. >> reporter: a major shutdown. >> this is the one weekend we want to tell you, you really need to avoid the 405. >> reporter: one of the most congested arteries in los angeles, the 405. >> do anything you can to avoid driving through this area. >> reporter: los angeles mayor antonio have i lara goes sa is pushing the use of mass transit but admits to the city's addiction. >> we are the car capital of the united states united states of america and the single car passenger capital. >> why are the warnings so dire? >> well, you heard the hype about carmageddon. the people don't heed the call to plan ahead, stay at home, get out of their car, there is going to be gridlock like we haven't seen. maybe the mother of all gridlocks. >> reporter: the shutdown is part of a billion dollar project
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to expand the 405 by adding an hov lane over a teb-mile stretch. engineers are demolishing this bridge to make it happen. transportation critics say expanding freeways won't solve l.a.'s traffic nightmares. >> people in los angeles are much less likely to use our public transportation system system. >> why is that. >> it's much less expensive in los angeles to own a car. no amount of public transportation and no amount of freeway building is going to get rid of traffic congestion because there's just too many people and as long as the roads are unpriced, you're going to having congestion. >> what do you say to critic who say look, l.a. is always going to be congested. people aren't going to take mass transit unless you do something about discouraging people from driving. how about tolls? how about make it more exexpensive to drive. >> actually, they're absolutely right. >> reporter: there is free bus and train service during the
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shutdown for affected areas. and despite the pending doom, after three months of warning the public, a good dose of optimism from the mayor. >> i fully believe it's going to be a successful effort. >> reporter: sandra endo, cnn, los angeles. >> we're about 14 minutes past the hour now. yes, we know it's summer. we know it gets hot but it's dangerously hot in some places. you see those highs, 97, 97, 95, 94? that's minneapolis. but the heat index is going to be around 110. that ain't good in some parts of the country. reynolds has all that for us this morning. we'll talk to him in just a second. also, have you seen the harry potter movie, the final one? if you haven't, you're one of the few it seems. deathly hallows part 2 just opened and yes, it's already broken records. >> shame on you! shame on you! >> and that is the reaction to rupert murdoch right now in
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in the book ... on your phone or online. i didn't realize we were back up that quickly. >> yeah, man. >> my gosh, normally some of the things they can see. we usually, we're stuffing a turkey. we're wearing headgear, all kinds of restrained stuff. >> yeah, it's a warm time.
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talking about the heat wave. the reason we refer to a heat wave is because it's not just something that happens very quickly, it's a wave of very warm air that sticks around a region for quite awhile. >> the region we're talking about this time is not the one we're used to talking about with these heat waves, is it. >> no, if we were talking about this in texas, people would say, it's texas, upper midwest, it's not supposed to happen. we're going to part of the central plains and thames where we have had heat. record heat in places like dodge city, kansas. you see in dallas, fort worth, st. angelo and dalhart, very, very warm spots. look what's coming. we're talking about the heat waves namely in spots like minneapolis. take a look. we're expecting highs mainly into the upper 90s, lows not much relief during the nighttime. still in the 70s and 80s. normal would be 83 degrees. high humidity is a big differencemaker and makes things feel much warmer. as we look at this graphic, it's
5:19 am
going to feel like 111 degrees. same deal tomorrow, feeling like the century mark in places like kansas city and oklahoma city, even into dallas. as you go from sunday to monday, the heat intensifies. 116 in minneapolis. going back up to 112 as we go into tuesday. we're not going to see much of a break in the action unless you get scattered showers and perhaps some storms. one spot where we're getting the cooldown would be in atlanta where we've had all kinds of incredible heat over the last couple days, but with the clouds that are in this morning and the scattered showers that happening to be pop up as we speak, storms keep us mainly in the 70s and 80s in the southeast. col see storms develop across parts of the dakotas also, especially into the late afternoon hours. a few rumbles this morning. into the northern rockies and pacific northwest, the rain is going to continue. very dry conditions for you in parts of the four corners into southern california, especially out by the 405 which really doesn't matter because you're not going to be driving on it
5:20 am
anyway. to the east, high pressure keeps things relatively dry for much of the mid-atlantic states including washington, d.c. that is a quick snapshot of your forecast. tj, back to you. >> we will see you again here shortly. a lot of people taking trips this summer. you are probably one of them. well is, mario armstrong is coming up next, and you do not need to take a trip without packing what he says you need to pack. he's coming up next. stay with us. seafood feast for $15. start with soup, then have salad and biscuits followed by 1 of 7 delicious entrees and finish with something sweet. all for just $15. ending soon, at red lobster. discover aveeno positively radiant tinted moisturizers with scientifically proven soy complex and natural minerals. give you sheer coverage instantly, then go on to even skin tone in four weeks. aveeno tinted moisturizers. vietnam, 1967.
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all right. 22 minutes past the hour. a lot of you going to be traveling and information, of course, is key to choosing the best options. now you can find a lot of that information on your phone. digital lifestyle expert mario armstrong here to show us what we need to pack if we're taking a trip and what we're talking about packing here, you have to take with you these particular apps that can help you out there. so first. >> got to have these apps. >> there's nothing worse than being out there, you're trying to get online. you can't find a wi-fi, you can't get a signal. help us out. >> right. because you need that internet connectivity, but the thing is, you don't want to the always have to pay exorbitant rates for it.
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so a great app to check out is called free wi-fi finder. this help you find free, paid or as well as free wi-fi hot spots near you. so if you're traveling in an area where you don't know and you want to be able to connect to the internet, if you had this free app, it would say oh, if you go around the corner here, there's a free wi-fi hot spot you could use to download data or connect to the internet. very, very helpful. i use that one personally a lot. >> that one's very helpful. a lot of people might be traveling internationally. you need to know about money exchange. current sit exchange. >> big one for currency exchange. this one is called xe currency. this one will give you live realtime currency exchanges. it also features a indicator on the phone itself in the app itself so you can actually do calculations for different currency. and one of the other cool things is about this app. i love the fact that not only is it available, tj, on all the smart phones, androids, apples,
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but also they have a mobile site. even if you have a mobile cell phone, you can access this converter by going to their mobile site. >> here's another important one. you go through a new city, don't know the neighborhood, maybe you're not talking to the locals about the spots to go. you can find your spot to relax. >> are you talking about, for relaxation for happy hour relaxation. >> whatever you want to call it. >> there's one called happy hours. and so you can find all the good deals and the discounts that are happening in an area that you may be visiting. so you're absolutely right. you go to a place. you don't know all the hangouts all the local spots but looking for deals and discounts. you can say hey, i want to find a place that has live entertainment or i'm looking for a rooftop bar or i'm looking for outdoor seating. all of that can be done through the power of your phone. >> it's not all technically happy hour? >> no, but it's a lot of specials on there. if you are looking for those two
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for one drinks, i know you like your mai-tai. >> i already know the places. i don't need that app. >> oh. >> you need some help in catching your flight. that's a big deal. >> yeah, absolutely a big deal. a lot of apps out there. one is caused flight view. i like this one a lot, helps you track flight changes and also tripping. it's great, it's free and it really helps you bring all owes itineraries. when we book flights, we're doing rental cars, hotels, things to do and attractions. this can build one easy to read itinerary so that when you travel, all the information is there for you at your fingertips. >> mario, always good stuff. do me a favor as always. what is that one he said, what did he say, shoot me a quick e-mail so i can pass those along to everybody. >> give you a list of them. >> that would be awesome. mario, thanks so much. and four viewers, join us here every saturday for digital expert mario armstrong has the
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latest scoop on all the latest technology. also, take a look and listen right now to the reception that rupert murdoch is getting these days in some places. >> shame on you! stham on you shame shame on you! >> yeah, this is some of the reaction in london over that tabloid hacking scandal. he is now offering a private but also a very public apology. plus, tomorrow a big day for the u.s. women's soccer team. we here in the u.s. are cheering for them and cheering for them hard, but we may be the only ones in the world really cheering for this team. we'll explain why. stay here. in small continuous. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. a complete four-course seafood feast for $15. start with soup,
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. now, we are at the bottom of the hour on this "cnn saturday morning." welcome back, everybody. i'm t.j. holmes. give you a look at some of the stories you feed to know about. first in atlanta, teachers and principals implicated in the widespread cheating scandal have been given a choice, option one, quit your job. option two, get fired. the letter went out to them this week with that ultimatum.
5:31 am
they have till wednesday to decide. nearly 200 educators are suspected of helping falsify answers on standardized tests. also today, is casey anthony's last full day in the orange county jail. she's expected to be released sometime tomorrow. but an inmate in the south carolina wants florida authorities to serve anthony a paternity motion before she leaves. the guy apparently wants to note if he fathstthered her deceased daughter. not word on what relationship the two may have had. in los angeles, they've been talking about it quite some time. never has the lack of traffic been so news worthy. you see construction workers there. what they're doing here is shutting down the 405, the infamous los angeles highway. there it is, this freeway there being shut down. a live picture from one of the traffic caps out there. this is a better angle. pretty much a lot of
5:32 am
construction vehicles navigating the road right now. but shut down this weekend. supposed to cause a traffic nightmare. in some other parts as people try to find other routes around the 405 also this morning, rupert murdoch responding to the hacking scandal in the uk. a piece of tape here i want you to look at and listen to pretty carefully. now, it shows murdoch as he was going in to meet the family of a murdered british teenager. it was her hacked voice mails that really sparked the outrage in this scandal. listen to the crowd and also listen to rupert murdoch's response to them. >> shame on you! shame on you! shame on you! shame on you! shame on you. >> mr. murdoch, will you tell us what you said to milly dowler's family? >> oh, stop pushing. >> keep silent. >> if you'll just keep silent
5:33 am
for a minute. it was a totally private meeting. i'm the founder of the company. i was appalled to find out what happened. >> mr. murdoch. >> all right. said he doesn't have more to say but actually he did. murdoch posted an ad. this one you're seeing in seven british newspapers this morning. in it, he says we are deeply sorry for the hurt suffered by the individuals affects. the "news of the world" was in the business holding others to account. it failed when it came to itself. rebecca brooks was in charge of news international, murdoch's company that oversaw the "news of the world." she has resigned. also resigning isles hinton, head of downtown jones company, another of mush doc's companies. he was actually the chief at news international when all this hacking first took place. we will be heading live to london for more on this at the top of the hour.
5:34 am
we are running out of time. the federal government is anyway. if there is no deal on on raising the debt ceiling by august 2nd, we are told that the u.s. government will not be able to pay all of its bills. president obama again tried to put pressure on republicans during a speech yesterday. >> the clear majority of republican voters think that any deficit reduction package should have a balanced approach and should inclue some revenues. that's not just democrats. that's the majority of republicans. >> now, according to administration officials, here's the poll. the president was referring to here. with a total of 67% saying spending cuts are the biggest part, the administration says it shows that republicans would support the president's bigger deal. the president also said 80% of americans support tax increases as part of the solution. now the math on that will, 20%
5:35 am
say spending cuts are the only option, so the administration concludes that the rest are on board with the deal that includes both options. another poll though to show you shows a closer republican divide. quinnipiac poll shows that 48% of republicans say that the only thing that should be included in the debt ceiling deal are some of these cuts. forgive us for all of those numbers. i know it's confusing but the president trying to make his point that the american people are on his side. well, on politics this weekend, presidential candidates are out on the campaign trail today. probably talking about debt ceiling. here's where some of them are. jon huntsman is in salt lake city attending the national governor's association annual meeting. michele bachmann campaigning in iowa, making two stops and her cane cain will be in bermingham, alabama tonight giving the keynote address at the reagan/lincoln dinner. a lot of people in this country, all eyes on the world cup final tomorrow. and cheering hard for those
5:36 am
women, the usa team, but the rest of the world may be cheering for usa's opponent. we'll explain. it's 35 minutes past the hour. they said i couldn't fight above my weight class. but i did. they said i couldn't get elected to congress. but i did. ♪ sometimes when we touch ha ha! millions of hits! [ male announcer ] flick, stack, and move between active apps seamlessly. only on the new hp touchpad with webos. a complete four-course seafood feast for $15. start with soup, then have salad and biscuits followed by 1 of 7 delicious entrees and finish with something sweet. all for just $15. ending soon, at red lobster. with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain.
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cymbalta can help. go to to learn about a free trial offer. this is one of my favorite topics of the morning because i am so into the world cup. only time i get to be a soccer fan. nadia here for our morning passport. the u.s. team, we're going to be cheering in a major way but the rest of the world has another sentimental favorite, our opponent. >> of course, japan. look what the japanese team have been through. and we're going to get to them in a moment. let's look at what took the u.s. first of all, the u.s. starts off and they beat brazil. did you watch the brazil/u.s. game? was that not amazing? at that moment, there they are, brazil is winning and all of a sudden, abby woman back scores a goal and then it's tied and it's equal. and the u.s. wins the penalty
5:39 am
shoot-out. you were screaming at that point, were you not? >> we were minutes away of being out of the world cup. we almost turned the tv off because it was almost hopeless. >> the u.s. won in 1991, they won in 1999. they will make history if they win tomorrow. and, of course, watching hope solo, do you know that there was a german fan who has actually proposed to her? because let's face it, there's something very sexy about those female soccer stars. >> you can say that, i can't. >> these very athletic women playing soccer, some of them are very beautiful. >> my favorite is the one who actually set up amy wambach, megan rapinoe is just adorable to me. i love her. >> they're definitely going to be a calendar. then let's look at japan. okay? so japan beats germany. germany has won the last two world cups. >> and they are essentially the home team. >> exactly. and then they go on to beat sweden. now the japanese are these dim
5:40 am
min youtive women. the swedes are at all statuesque women and look what they've been through. they are having to practice with no electricity at night. they're not being able to practice at night. some of the fields aren't able to be watered. there's this incredible heat wave in japan right now. so against all odds, post tsunami, heat wave the japanese really are the team of destiny and people are rooting for these valiant women, are they not? >> you can't help but. don't want the u.s. to lose but if they did, it would still be a satisfactory outcome. >> there's a feeling the japanese are really fighting for their country but i'll be in my red, white, and blue. >> i will tomorrow, 2:00, 2:30 is when it actually happens. >> we'll be watching these women. this is a situation only gone on since 1991. >> i hate it, it's the only time i get to be a soccer fan. nadia, good stuff this morning. thank you so much. we'll have more on the teams.
5:41 am
actually we're going to be talking to jane vergee live in germany. we'll talk to her 10:00 a.m. eastern hour right here on this "cnn saturday morning." and got a moment here to share with you. it was a special moment for hillary clinton, if you can call it that. this is during a live television program in turkey. now, look at your tv screen. she was answering questions from university students when take a look at what the happened. >> we have two new guests. >> oh, hi. so we have the kitty question coming up. >> do you like cats? >> i do. i do. yes. >> okay. >> live television. this happens sometimes you. should see some of the animals that wander on to our set during the show. students there in the crowd had a lot of questions for secretary clinton. the event was called coffee break with hillary clinton and cats. i added the cats part. now 41 minutes past the
5:42 am
hour. ipad 2 for $69, yep, get ready. i know you're going to jump on this deal. well, sears was actually offering that deal yesterday. today, they're offering an apology. it was a big mistaking that had people thinking they had gotten the bargain of the year. ♪ >> well, jay-z was not the only one to wake up to beyonce this morning. this happened today with the shuttle "atlantis" astronauts. we'll tell you more about the song and the message she had for them.
5:43 am
5:44 am
♪ ♪ we'll run the world, girls >> good morning, "atlantis." this is beyonce. sandy, chris, doug and rex, you inspire all of us to dare to live our dreams. >> these astronauts are telling the story of their lives and some of the biggest moments. well, they say i was a shuttle astronaut or will they say beyonce woke me up one morning? what would you go with? this is what they got. the astronauts aboard "atlantis" got a call from yes, beyonce. it was relatively early because they had a lot of stuff to do today. nasa e-mailed us the crew members have already repaired a broken latch. kind of a productive morning and also a productive day. it's kind of moving day, if you will. lots of equipment and supplies being transferred from the
5:45 am
shuttle to the space station. as you know, atlant"atlantis" i last shuttle mission. expected to be back next thursday. let's ahead cross-country now for stories our affiliates are looking at. first in denver, a wildfire officials thereabouts killed a bear believed to have been behind an unprovoked attack on a teenage camper. they say the boy woke up as the bear bit into his leg. this whole thing happened about 3:30 in the morning yesterday. also, thousands of these so-called muggles coming out in full force to see harry potter, the boy wizard. i love this kid here. we've been watching this all morning. what is he doing? the latest harry potter movie is already setting box office records, it made $43.5 million after opening at midnight on thursday. all right. an apple ipad 2 for $69. if i told you you could get that deal right now, would you log on right now and buy one?
5:46 am
probably so. well, a lot of people did that yesterday. it was a great deal if it happened to be true. but it was actually a mistake on the sears website. it did say $69, but these things start at $699. a lot of people started getting the word out. jumped on the website, started buying them up. but sears not exactly telling us how many were sold at $69 before they noticed the mistake was made. sears actually says it was a third party that made the mistake when they posted the price online and sears is not going to honor the price. instead, going to give people their $69 back. well, we are at about a quarter to the top of the hour. tiger woods broke? we'll get to that next. that's coming up in sports. >> i am attending. i'm going november 18th. i will be there.
5:47 am
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all for just $15. any questions? no. you know... ♪ we're not magicians ♪ we can't read your mind ♪ ♪ read your mind ♪ we need your questions ♪ each and every kind ♪ every kind ♪ will this react with my other medicine? ♪ ♪ hey, what are all these tests even for? ♪ ♪ questions are the answer ♪ yeah ♪ oh we're about ten minutes to the top of the hour here. also good to see joe carter of hln sports. good to have you here. we'll get to the usa women's soccer team in a second and their singing coach. people have to scratch their
5:50 am
heads when they hear this. tiger woods possibly running out of money? is that just a headline and we need to read the details. >> i look like a banker. i'm talking money. you have to get an "f"ing in math, basic adding and subtracting to think he's going broke. to say things are getting tight, sure. this report came out by fortune and they calculated that tiger earned $20 million in 2010, a huge drop from normal. >> that's pretty good. >> but his take home pay is not even coming close to covering his overall expenses. he got the divorce that cost him more than $100 million. nike, one of only two companies to stick with him after the scandal actually slashed their contract with him by half last year. he's only getting half of that take home pay he normally is used to. his main house in jupiter, florida, costs him $10 million in mortgage and property taxes. you going to compound his troubles with his off the course troubles with his on the course troubles.
5:51 am
he hasn't won a golf tournament in almost two years. he's only earned about 1.million for the past two years. in 2009, he made over $10 million on the course that year. when you think about all that going out, and very little coming in, you know, it doesn't add up. but then again, it was two years ago he was one of the first athletes to reach the $1 billion club. >> in earnings, yeah. >> his agent, of course, denied the reports saying that tiger is financially sound. >> but it's amazing. it's all relative. $20 million a year in endorsements won't cut it, that's amazing to hear. he used to bring in almost $100 million in endorsements. >> more zeros. >> i love the usa women's soccer team right now. anything related to them. coach a cool character. >> it's a feel good sports story of the summer. the head coach is not your typical head coach, very relaxed. she actually sings during team meetings, during practices, on road trips.
5:52 am
pia sundhage gave the media a taste of her musical talent busting out the classic by simon and garfunkel "feeling is groovy." >>. ♪ slow down, you move too fas ♪ you got to make the morning last ♪ ♪ yes kicking down the cobblestones to ♪ ♪ looking for fun and feeling groovy ♪ >> feeling groovy. very good. that keeps me relaxed. i feel ready to play. there's been so much media attention put on this team so quickly that she's had to be singing a little more often. keep them grounded because that final game tomorrow 2:00 p.m. eastern. >> that's very cool. it takes a lot to get in front of the media and do that, as well. that's pretty cool. >> it is. >> you always got good stuff for us. joe carter, hln sports. thank you so much. we'll turn to the singing talents of reynolds wolf now. >> no, no, no, no, and no. i'm not singing. i'm a rapper. that ain't going to happen
5:53 am
either. we're not going to go in that direction. we've been talking all morning about the heat wave. one thing we have to mention is some of the heavy rainfall we're getting in parts of the world, especially into south georgia, heavy rain popping up, let's see, just from jacksonville south of montgomery right along the i-10 koor door, thunderstorms have been popping you. . that will cool air has been dropping temperatures across the southeast that have been sweltering for the past couple weeks. now, we're also seeing in parts of the upper midwest some rainfall that is now pushing just to the east of minneapolis back over towards wisconsin, light through bloomer also. later on today, we're going to be seeing the opposite, not that rain-cooled air but a warmup that's going to have almost a stranglehold on parts of the upper midwest. hazy, is very hot conditions can be anticipated with highs that rise into the 90s in many places. for minneapolis,ch he can this out. your high is going to 93. with the high humidity, feels like it's over 100 degrees. 88 in chicago, 88 in new york.
5:54 am
kansas city, 104, 101 in dallas and 101 in el paso. temperatures will stay warm for possibly the next couple days. feels like 111 degrees in minneapolis. fast forward into monday, it's going to feel like 116 in minneapolis and into the 100s in kansas city, oklahoma city and even into dallas. that's a quick snapshot of your forecast. more coming up throughout the morning. tj, back to you. >> we'll talk to you again shortly. people in britain as you know angry over this whole phone hacking, this tabloid scandal and now they are focusing their anger on rupert murdoch. >> shame on you shame shame on you shame. shame on you! >> shame on you. that's just some of the reaction right now in london over this whole hacking scandal. but murdoch has a new message for some of those upset with him and also some of the victims of the scandal. also, the debt ceiling debate. president obama is now issuing a
5:55 am
challenge to republicans. compromise, would you? we've got the republican response. that is next. we're getting close to the top of the hour here on the "cnn of the hour here on the "cnn saturday morning." -- captions by vitac -- access in an instant every patient's past. and because the whole hospital's working together, there's a family who can breathe easy, right now. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest healthcare questions. and the over 60,000 people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers.
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5:58 am
the government's new consumer financial protection agency opens next week. our poppy harlow has more on that. first, alison cos sick has the latest home foreclosure numbers. >> hi, tj. the number of homes headed into foreclosure plunged during the first six months of this year. realty track says filings dropped last year. the decline is actually because many banks are delaying many foreclosures pushing them into
5:59 am
next year or the next year. realtytrac estimates there are 1 million homes in this situation and the housing market likely won't recover and until the glut of foreclosures is brought to a manageable level. >> a growing number of retailers are now offering shoppers the option of getting an electronic receipt sent to their e-mail account. they say they're more convenient for consumers who tend to lose their paper receipts and more environmentally friendly to boot. not all shoppers agree. some see it as a ploy by retailers to invade their privacy or spam inboxes with sale announcements and discount coupons. poppy? >> thanks so much, felicia. a long awaited watchdog agency in washington opens its doors this week. the consumer financial protection bureau will inspect books at the country's biggest banks, ensure they're abiding by current credit card loss and respond to consumer complaints, but the new sheriff in washington is actually without a sheriff. white house has yet to appoint
6:00 am
the cfpv's director due to opposition in congress. elizabeth warren has been a frontrunner for that position, but the white house has yet to make an an paintment. tj? >> poppy and alison, thank you. here we go at the top of the hour. on this "cnn saturday morning," i'm tv holmes. first up as we check some of the stories making headlines, atlanta's school cheating scandal. they have now been given an option, the 178 teaches and principals accused. they've been told, you can quit, two, you can be fired. have you till wednesday to decide. they're suspected of helping falsify answers on standardized tests. also today is casey anthony's full day in jail. she will be released tomorrow. not sure of the details how it's going to go down. before she leaves a south carolina inmate actually wants her served for a paternity test. he wants to determine whether or not he is the father of deceased
6:01 am
caylee. it's not sure what relationship or contact casey anthony and this inmate have ever had. will have also, carmageddon is here in los angeles. you're looking live at it right now, oh the humanity. this is interstate 405. not just any freeway. this is the infamous 405, one of the busiest in the country that is shut down from now until sometime on monday morning, construction work is being done to try to improve that area, but it is expected to cause a traffic nightmare as people try to navigate and find other routes around the 405. we turp to washington, d.c. now and the ongoing debates over raising the debt ceiling. no debate talks scheduled for this weekend. the u.s. actually hit its debt limit in may. but we're told the deadline is august 2nd. that is the deadline for raising the debt limit. according to the treasury, after august 2nd, the government will not be able to pay all of its bills. now, the big stumbling block has
6:02 am
been taxes during these debates. republicans say spending cuts, that's the only way to go. democrats say you have actually got to put more of a burden on the wealthier people, have them pay more in taxes. we heard from the president this morning, his white house address. take a listen. >> i'm willing to compromise. i'm willing to do what it takes to solve this problem, even if it's not politically popular. and i expect leaders in congress to show that same willingness to compromise. the truth is, you can't solve our deficit without cutting spending but you also can't solve it without asking the wealthiest americans to pay their fair share or without taking on loopholes that give special interests and big corporations tax breaks the middle class americans don't get. >> now, certainly, a number of the republican presidential candidates are weighing in on the debt ceiling debate. first up, take a listen to tim pawlenty. >> it is a mess but it's got to be fixed. the problem is if they just put a band-aid over a broken bone,
6:03 am
that's not going to solve the problem. i really hope they'll use this moment. i wish they wouldn't raise the debt ceiling. they're moving in that direction. they should fix it the problem really and not just kick the can down the road. >> mitt romney for his part saying a line needs to be drawn in the sand at a town hall meeting in new hampshire. he says spending cuts and caps are the key to getting a long-term deal done. also michele bachmann. the only one of these three who is actually in congress right now opposes raising debt ceiling and accuses the president and tim geithner of not telling the truth of what happens if the ceiling is not raised. this phone hacking scandal in the uk, rupert murdoch is issuing a printed apology this morning in several british newspapers. meanwhile,les hinton is out as ceo of dow jones. that's another of murdoch's companies. what does that have to do with the hacking scandal? hinton was in charge of "news of
6:04 am
the world" when all of this hacking started. the woman who is the most current chief at news international is also out. her name is rebekah brooks, she resigned as ceo of that company. that's the british part of murdoch's news empire. murdoch had given brooks a vote of confidence shortly after the scandal. now she's out. our jim boulden is live for us in london this morning and jim tell us more about this apology, this very public and printed apology for murdoch. >> yes, we learned last night after we heard thatles hinton and rebekah brooks had resigned that rupe. ert murdoch would start to publish today. we are sorry in a number of newspapers, newspapers he owns and some of the competitors, as well. and he says that we are very sorry for the serious wrongdoing that occurred. that's very strong language for rupert murdoch. i'm not sure though it's going to make much of a difference
6:05 am
right now. yesterday when he was meeting with the family of a teenager who was murdered in 2002 and whose phone was allegedly hacked into by news of the world, there were people around him when he was walking in heckle him. let's hear that. >> shame on you. shame on you! shame on you! shame on you! shame on you! >> mr. murdoch, will you tell us what you said to millidowler's family. >> whoa, stop pushing. >> keep sil leapt for a moment. it was a totally private meeting. >> keep your head down, mate. can you tell us exactly what you said? >> no, i'm not. not going to comment. >> that's really the first public statements we've heard from rupert murdoch. that was on friday. might have been hard to hear there, but he was saying it was a private meeting. it the lawyer for milly dowler's
6:06 am
family said he was very apologetic. we'll hear more from mr. about your doc, his son james and rebeckah brooks. people say that will be very much of a grilling. >> nothing short of interesting that will be. jim boulden for us, we appreciate you as always. here at six minutes past the hour. to our viewers, we're talking about phone hacking. it sounds like a complicated something, and you might need some technical know-how, but really? can anybody hack your phone right now? i want to bring back in our marriol armstrong. mario, you help me with this, because it sounds like something you would have to be savvy to do this. but can anybody hack my phone right now. >> yeah, that's the biggest misconception. i'm so glad you're focusing on this because anyone can do this. you don't have to have a technology-related degree by any means. that's why a lot of reporters were able to do this in the first place. it's a thing called spoofing. anyone can look this up.
6:07 am
essentially if i know your cell phone number, i can have my phone spoof that number, which would trick the voice mail system into thinking my phone is yours. so i don't know if i just confused you, but essentially what i would do with my phone is be able to call into your voice mail and if you don't have a pass code on it, it thinks this is you calling in. >> okay. now, in that case, it's not like the phone calls coming into my phone would go to yours. we're talking specifically about hacking into voice mails. >> that's correct. that's how this whole -- that's one of the ways that this whole scandal started to reveal itself. it's one of the ways where many people are very vulnerable. there are other things, too, downloading apps can also have malicious software so you need to pay attention to what you're doan loading. there are other ways that people can get access to your account or to your phone but starts mostly with the voice mail. >> it sounds like you said in there if you don't have a
6:08 am
password protecting your voice mail. >> yes. >> -- is that the key and you can prevent this? >> three quick keys to prevent this. that's number one, t.j. many people do not put a pass code on their voice mail. it's just default wide open. so you need to place a pass code on your voice mail, number one. number two, you need to place a pin code on your actual wireless account. so call your wireless provider and place a. encode. the reason why you do that, is if someone gets your number, they could call into the wireless carrier and put additional services on to your phone where messages could be sent via e-mail. you know, there's voice mail transcription services now so you could have your voice mail transcribed into texts and sent to someone else's e-mail and they get the full voice mail transcription of that and you not even know that's happening. so they can't make changes to your account if you have a pass code placed on the account. and then last but not least, you want to make sure that you are looking out for apps that you
6:09 am
are down loding on your device and place a lock code on the actual hardware itself. place a lock code on the physical device. >> i'm going to ask you one last question. it might come off as being selfish because i do have an iphone. a lot of people do. is it good enough to just put a lock on the phone you? have to type in just to get acis esto the phone. you need to do something else to your voice mail actually and put a lock on the voice mail. >> that's right. >> so there is a feature that allows you to do this on these iphones, correct. >> that's right. it's basically -- that's exactly right. the answer is yes. it's not good enough just to place a lock code on the physical device. you need to place a pin code on the voice mail system. >> good stuff. this is a good time to think about the probably something not a lot of people would normally think about. maybe this whole scandal has given us an opportunity to educate ourselves. >> you know, tj, it's big because husbands, wives, spouses people could be in rough relationships or in situations where they don't want their
6:10 am
messages, what you assume voice mail to be private. you want that information to remain private. and you know, it's making it easier for people to break into those things. want people to be aware. >> if i locked my wife out of this phone in any way form or fashion, whoo, not happening. >> transparency is the best policy. >> there you go. good stuff this morning. thank you so much for sticking around longer here so we could get this in. thanks so much, mario. >> ten minutes past the hour. it is being called carmageddon, oh, the end of humanity in the los angeles as we know it. the biggest rask nightmare some are saying they will ever see in their lifetimes. a tense weekend for drivers in los angeles but what weekend is it? they're being told to stay home. we will explain. stay with us on the cnn saturday morning". [ man ] they said i couldn't win a fight.
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6:14 am
well, southern california's traffic nightmare is under way. you've heard the name by now. they call it carmageddon. this is some of the construction workers gathering to shut down one of the busiest highways in the country. they shut it down in both directions this weekend so they could work on a bridge in particular. this is not just any freeway, folks. we are talking about the 405, one of the busiest in the country. 500,000 cars pass through the construction area on an average weekend. now all those drivers need to find another way to get around. officials there are telling people just stay home this
6:15 am
weekend. not likely. it's southern california. you got to get out. not everybody taking this so seriously though. >> this weekend in los angeles, a short stretch of the 405 freeway will be closed for repair. is everyone okay? we prayed this day would never come. now, sure, californians have survived earthquakes, wildfire, laker victories, even alien invasions. but this is the big one, folks. increased traffic on two off peak days. you know what that means. someone might have to walk someplace. think of the children. pray for them. >> best way to beat this, remember balloon boy, that's what i'm doing. >> if you want to avoid the 405 this weekend, i suggest cutting through cold water canyon. just pull over and crawl down
6:16 am
the embankment and make your way through the tall grass to the old beverly bridge. jump in deer creek and swim through the underwater cave. thissal take you to the main mansour line. >> it's that serious. the 405 is a big deal. if you're in atlanta, what if had he shut down 80 for a weekend, dallas, what if they shut down? the construction company is working out there and hope to have the work done by monday, 6:00 a.m. deadline and they'd better because it's going to cost money if they don't. could be fined $72,000 an hour if they don't get this done on time. 16 minutes past the hour. let's head across the country for a look ot some stories our affiliates are keeping an eye on. start in san francisco where a new jersey man pleaded not guilty to stealing a picasso sketch, not just any sketch. it's worth about $275,000. he took it out of a gallery allegedly last week.
6:17 am
here are surveillance video police say shows the man carrying the thing. he faces several charges including burglary. police believe he also robbed other galleries. they found 11 paintings hanging in his apartment. also in illinois, look at this. a 26-foot skup tour of marilyn monroe unveiled yesterday, wearing that iconic white dress made famous in the movie "the seven year itch." also, california's governor has signed a bill requiring public schools tols teach students about contribution lesbian, guy, transgender and buy sexual students on how to deal properly with people with disabilities. " bill goes into effect in january but it's not expected that the textbooks will be able to be updated until 2015. now, they are expecting temperatures around 110 degrees. at least that's what it's going to feel like in some parts of the country today. places like dallas, texas, yeah, maybe they're used to it.
6:18 am
seeing dallas there, but some other places not used to those kinds of temperatures. reynolds wolf will be with me here in just a moment. have you heard about this in mila kunis was asked out by a marine in afghanistan via youtube. but now her buddy justin timberlake has gotten his own youtube offer. a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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6:21 am
reynold telling us about a dangerous weather situation this week. >> it is dangerous. we really don't think -- when we think of dangerous weather, we think about hurricanes and floods. but heat is really a big killer. especially in a situation like this where you have a prolonged
6:22 am
heat wave and you've got a lot of people, younger kids, senior citizens, even pets are susceptibsu susceptible to heat. right now, conditions look just fine. we're talking about the upper midwest. we have storms there and very cool air right now with temperatures mainly in the 70s 37 that's what's happening now. what's going to happen later on today is going to be daunting. what i'm referring to, the extreme heat where highs are set to go to 93 degrees in minneapolis, 49 in kansas city. that's only part of the story. you bring in humidity, it changes the lands scape all together. we're talking about, is it feeling like possibly 110 degrees or so. by tomorrow, 111 degrees is what it's going to feel like in minneapolis. 10 in kansas city it we've got a big trough in the jet stream, a trough in the east but a ridge in the center of the u.s. that allows things to warm up and that trend should continue and until the middle of next week. we're going to talk more about that throughout the morning.
6:23 am
for now, let's pitch it back to you. >> buddy, thanks so much. up next, actress mill lal kunis first says she was going to have to break a date and break the heart of one of her military fans, but then yesterday, this is what she said. >> i am attending. i'm going november 18th. i will be there. >> she is going to the ball after all. the story is next on this "cnn saturday morning." an everyday moment can turn romantic anytime.
6:24 am
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6:25 am
>> earlier this week a marine in afghanistan asked actress mill lal kunis out on a date. did it via youtube and she agreed at first. then she backed out, says she had a scheduling conflict but now he's got some good news. he's got a date. >> i am attending. i'm going november 18th. i will be there. i accepted an invitation, and i'm staying true to my word. >> geez, you want your date to be a little more excited, don't you? okay. well, her buddy justin timberlake, he was the one who encouraged her to agree to the date and then shortly after that, he got his own offer from someone and our jeanne moos says he should do it, as well. for his country. >> this female marine is asking justin timberlake out on a date. >> well, i'm going to call you out. >> hoping he'll take his own advice. >> do it for your country. >> that's what he told his co-star mila kunis after a male
6:26 am
marine stationed in afghanistan tilted his shades and asked her out via youtube. >> hey, mill la. sergeant moore. you can call me scott. i just want to take a moment out of my day to invite you to the marine corps ball on november 18th in greenville, north carolina with yours truly. so take a second, think about it, get back to me. >> reporter: now chances are the last time she was asked out on a semi blind date was when cnn's own wolf blitzer invited her to the white house correspondents dinner. >> this is my date. >> and though wolf is more famous than sergeant scott moore, the sergeant had justin timberlake on his side during a fox news interview. >> this needs to go down. this needs to happen. >> okay. >> do it for your country. >> i'll do it for you. >> yeah, well you do it for your corrupt, justin timberlake because now this marine wants you. >> on the phone, justin, you want to call on my girlmy la? well, i'm going to call you out and ask you to come to the
6:27 am
marine corps ball with me on november 1th in washington, d.c. >> corporal kelsey de santis is the only female marine at the martial arts center for excellence at quantico. she's an instructor with a black belt who sometimes does cage fights. kelsey is a fan of timber lake's and she got the idea to invite him to the marine corps ball after seeing him so enthusiastically tell mila kunis to go. her friends set up a facebook page called let's get justin dim ber lake to the marines corps ball with kelsey, complete with an array of photos so impressive, how could timberlake tell her to jump in a lake or even in a river. >> if you can't go, all i can say is cry me a river. ♪ cry me a river ♪ cry me a river >> hey, the corporal's got a tattoo, too. that's just the one we can see. when we asked the friend who helped set up the facebook page
6:28 am
whether kelsey col kick justin timberlake's butt if he turned her down -- she said, oh, yeah. for sure. this marine isn't looking for a few good men. just one. >> do it for your country. >> jeanne moos. >> hit me up. >> cnn. >> new york. >> whatever, would. back in 90 seconds. ♪ ♪ i'd do anything for you dear ♪ anything cause you mean everything to me ♪
6:29 am
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